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Published: Sunday 21 July, 2013

wear designer wear designer East and North Herts NHS Trust

Our Trust is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and doing its bit in helping combat global warming. For more details about sustainability please go to the Sustainability for the future section under About the Trust section of our website.

One way for us to reduce the amount of CO2 is by installing what is called a combined heat and power plant CHP at the Lister. CHPs are far more efficient than traditional approaches to producing heat and power, as well as allowing the excess heat generated to be recycled back in to the system, theyre cheaper to run and emit far less greenhouse gases. They also will give far greater security of power supply, with the added bonus of plenty of hot water!

December 2012 saw Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland power up the Listers new completed combined heat and power plant, which has secured the hospitals electricity, heating and cooling needs for the foreseeable future. The 2.7 million project, which included the clearance of a 1.3 million repairs backlog in the Listers heating and hot water systems, will bring several immediate benefits:

The Listers energy bills will be reduced by an estimated 0.65 million annually;

The entire Trusts carbon emissions will fall by nearly 20% significantly more than the Department of Healths 10% target, which also had to be achieved by 2015;

The reduction in carbon emissions will also mean the Trust pays less under the new carbon tax that came into effect from 2012.

Trust will outlay less in the new carbon tax that comes in to effect from 2012, thus saving even more money. power station cooling towers

Generating electricity through a combined heat and power plant

The principle behind CHP is to recover and make beneficial use of this waste heat, which significantly increases the overall efficiency of the process

The best CHP schemes can achieve fu wear designer el conversions in the region of 90%

How will CHPs work at the Lister and what are the benefits?

A CHP unit utilising natural gas to provide electricity the benefit is the savings made because gas is cheaper than electricity

Waste heat from the CHP exhaust is recycled through this boiler to generate steam the benefit is reduced demand on the traditional stream raising boiler plant which saves on gas consumption

One new multifuel boiler enabling all of the Listers heating needs to be catered for via modern and efficient technology the benefits are that while the two new boilers will be utilised during the wear designer night and winter months to meet the Listers needs for hot water and heating. When the CHP is off line for maintenance, the new and existing boilers will take the lead, maintaining resilience

New low pressure hot water pipe from the boiler house to the Listers tower block enables waste heat from the CHP engine coolant system to be transferred into the hospitals hot water system the benefit being that due to the steam infrastructure on site the CHP system will be the lead boiler. Once the heat demand increases, the existing steam system will meet the demand. The steam raising plant boilers will be sized to ensure the whole sites demand can be met from the boilers. wear designer