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Published: Tuesday 03 September, 2013

sneakers outlet sneakers outlet Cutting back on carbon in Winchester

If the target can be reached, the city will save an estimated 189,000 tonnes of CO2 a year the equivalent of having about 100,000 transatlantic flights.

According to organisers Winchester Action on Climate Change WINACC, the city currently produces 934,000 tonnes of CO2 a y sneakers outlet ear.

Campaign coordinator Chris Holloway said: Figuratively speaking, we would save as much greenhouse gases as would fit to Winchester Cathedral if it was filled up 535 times.

Th sneakers outlet e first wave of participants includes the city council, university, Winchester College and Winchester Area Community Action.

Ms Holloway said energy, and cash, could be saved by switching lights off, heating buildings efficiently and encouraging staff to work

from home.

Organisations need to make sure the staff understands the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and how it can be achieved on a personal level, she added.

Research by a global think tank last year revealed Winchester households on average produce 26.39 tonnes of CO2, ranking it 10th in the list of the Britains worst polluters.

The University of Winchester has pledged to cut its carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2015.

Tommy Geddes, the universitys deputy vicechancellor, said 400,000 would be invested this year in energy saving measures.

They include replacing every light bulb with LED lights and a new system that automatically switches unused computers into hibernation.

For us the initiative for the project came really from what is going on in the world, global warming and that nothing is be sneakers outlet en done about it. We felt it as our responsibility as a university to do sneakers outlet