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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

shoes internet shop shoes internet shop ´╗┐Argument in Favo shoes internet shop r of Nuclear Power

WASHINGTONBUSINESS WIREThe Nuclear Energy Institute has developed a twopage fact sheet to assist reporters covering energy issues at the Democrat National Convention in Denver. It provides information explaining why commercial nuclear power is a vital part of the American energy portfolio needed to meet rapidly growing electricity demand in clean and reliable fashion. NEI is the nuclear energy industrys policy organization. will need all new sources of generation available: renewables, coal, natural gas, and nuclear. However, nuclear power is the only largescale, CO2free source of baseload electricity that can be widely expanded.

Cleanair energy sources nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power and renewable technologies help minimize the production of greenhouse gases and controlled pollutants because they generate electricity that otherwise would come from burning fossil fuels. we burned more than one billion tons of coal, 148 cubic miles of natural gas, and 7.5 billion barrels of oil in the electricity sector. This produced more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide and millions of tons of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and lead that were emitted into the atmosphere. passenger cars off the roads.

All new nonemitting sources of electricity renewables and new nuclear will require limited support of the federal government.

New nuclear plants are capitalintensive projects relative to the size of the companies building them. The smallscale, cleanenergy federal loan guarantee program being implemented by the Department of Energy is a good first step in the right direction, but it is only a first step.

The current federal loan guarantee program should be a bridge to something larger that can provide a stable financing platform to support largescale deployment of clean energy technologies like renewable and nuclear power plants. One idea is that of a Clean Energy Bank, proposed by New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici.

New nuclear power plants will create tens of thousands of well paid, nonexportable jobs. Years ahead of actual new plant construction, the nuclear industry has intensified recruiting efforts for an expanded workforce. The number of students enrolled in fouryear nuclear engineering programs once as low as 500 nationwide just last decade now approaches 2,000. The industry has also partnered with local technical and community colleges to develop technicians and skilled craft personnel.

Managing Used Nuclear Fuel: An EnergyRich Resource

Used nuclear fuel is safely and securely stored today at nuclear plant sites. This is one step of an integrated used fuel managem shoes internet shop ent system, one which pursues interim storage of used fuel; research and development of recycling of some 90 percent of the energy content remaining in the fu shoes internet shop el; and development of a permanent geological repository. nuclear energy industry in 40 years of operation some 58,000 metric tons of fuel would, if stacked end to end, cover an area only the size of a football field seven yards deep. If recycled, the 58,000 tons of used fuel could provide fuel for the entire existing nuclear industry 104 plants for three decades.

Nuclear power plants and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are not linked. Under current national and international controls, facilities that produce uranium fuel for commercial reactors pose no risk of proliferation. Before its use in reactors, mined uranium must be enriched to create lowenriched uranium LEU through a lengthy, complex, and expensive process. It is impossible to create a nuclear weapon from LEU.

There is no evidence that fuel from a commercial nuclear power plant has ever been used to make a nuclear weapon.

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