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Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

purses online cheap purses online cheap Global warming due to humans

WASHINGTON: A prominent US skeptic of the human causes of climate change, Richard Muller, has reversed course and said on Monday that he now believes greenhouse gases are responsible f purses online cheap or global warming.

I was not expecting this, but as a scientist, I feel it is my duty to let the evidence change my mind, Muller, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement.

Muller is part of a group of more than a dozen scientists on the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature team studying how temperature changes may relate to human activity, or to natural events such as solar and volcanic activity.

The average temperature of the Earths land has risen 1.5 degrees Celsius 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 250 years, and the most straightforward explanation for this warming is human greenhouse gas emissions, the team said in a report posted online Monday.

The analysis goes 100 years further back than previous research, and takes an even stronger stance than the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which said in 2007 that most of the warming of the past 50 years could be attributed to human activity, and that higher solar activity prior to 1956 might have fueled some of the warming the Ear purses online cheap th has experien purses online cheap ced. purses online cheap