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Published: Tuesday 24 September, 2013

prices of michael kors purses prices of michael kors purses ´╗┐Environmental Protection Agency tackles greenhouse gases

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a longexpected ruling Monday that greenhouse gases threaten public health, giving the Obama administration power to regulate smokestack and tailpipe emissions, astory inUSA TODAY reports.

The ruling, ann prices of michael kors purses ounced on the first day of the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen, signals to the other 191 participating countries that the United States cancontrol emissions even without congressional legislation. is telling the international community we will act even if Congress doesnt get its act together,David Bookbinder of the Sierra Club in Washington says in the article.

The overwhelming amount of evidence shows the threat is real,EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in announcing the finding, which covers carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases. She cited the global warming risks of heat waves, asthma and rising seas.

In 2007, the Supreme Court required the EPA to decidewhether global warming threathens human health, and if so, to begin regulating emissions.

Industry groups were not pleased with the EPAs finding, as a second story i prices of michael kors purses n USA TODAY explains. They argue that EPA regulation would drive up energy costs and lead to lost jobs and delays in project permits and construction.

More immediately, this adds more uncertainty and could impact how companies make decisions, Keith McCoy, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, says in the article.

Instead of EPA regulation, industry wants Congress to pass climate change leg prices of michael kors purses islation that limits carbon emissions. Such efforts, supported by the EPA and the White House,are underway in the House and Senate.

That way, emission cuts could be made more strategically and soften the impact on consumers, says Dan Riedinger of the Edison Electric Institute, a power industry trade group. prices of michael kors purses