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Published: Saturday 21 September, 2013

michaels kors handbags sale michaels kors handbags sale A Few Takeaways from Snowdens Takeaway

Yet he was able to load a breathtaking amount of extraordinarily sensitive information onto a laptop, fly to China with that laptop, and hand off his secrets to least separate teams of journalists, all without raising enough of a red flag to prevent the breach. It perhaps understandable that Snowden would have access to the PRISM presentation if, as it seems, that was the program he was helping with. Though, as Manjoo points out, it seems a fool thing to prepare such a presentation at all. But why on earth did Snowden have the means to see a copy of a Top Secret order the FISA court recently issued to Verizon? Or a maptool for cataloguing all the places on the globe where the NSA data was being collected? Or President Obama target list for potential cyberattacks? Did Snowden need to know any of that information to do his job? It hard to see why he would have. If a techsavvy 29 year old at a government contractor acting on his own able to amass and steal such a diverse portfolio of secrets, what might a fullyfeatured foreign intelligence service be able to do?

Booz Allen is in a world of hurt. According to the contractor own statement, Edward Snowden has been working as a contractor at Booz Allen for less than three months. According to Barton Gellman, the Washington Post reporter who first started chasing the story, Snowden has been in direct contact with WaPo about making this disclosure since May 16 and indirectly before that. In other words, for at least 30% perhaps as much as 50% Snowden extremely brief tenure at Booz, he been getting ready to betray the company and its principal client. Assuming that Snowden obtained his data using the access he had at Booz Allen, that suggests the contrac michaels kors handbags sale tor had extremely shoddy controls over its Top Secret data and its empl michaels kors handbags sale oyees those employees who were brand new additions to the enterprise.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, et al. Twitter, did not michaels kors handbags sale . It does not appear, from what we know so far, that the tech giants were adequately compensated for that risk. The tech giants are now facing real, growing outrage in European markets that may easily mature into material damage to their respective businesses. Who do they turn to remedy that damage? The most obvious target of their ire would be Booz Allen, whose incompetence seems to be at the heart of this mess, but it doubtful the US government standing between them the injured tech giants will have any contractual claims against the defense contractor. michaels kors handbags sale