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Published: Sunday 15 September, 2013

michael kors snakeskin purse michael kors snakeskin purse Energy Awareness Week

ONE OF the best things about Energy Awareness Week is that it really works.

He reckons that the week is directly responsible for the purchase of some ?2.4m worth of energysaving products each year. Those devices and products, in turn, are res michael kors snakeskin purse ponsible for a decrease in energy use of about ?1m to ?1.3m a year. This is an ongoing saving in overall energy use, so the cumulative effect since Energy Awareness Week started in 1992 has been massive.

The amount of money you can save by being just a little bit energywise can be quite astonishing: a lagging jacket on a hot water tank pays for itself within three months after that the money saved is money in your back pocket.

Lights out Each year, Energy Awareness Week highlights different ways of saving energy. This year one of the areas of focus is on not having electronic devices such as videos, televisions, microwaves, CD players, computers, etc permanently on standby. The key message is: If you see a red standby light, switch it off.

As well as saving you money, this will also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced when electricity is generated from oil, coal or turf.

A lot of us have devices all over the house that ar michael kors snakeskin purse e permanently on standby but which we hardly use, says Halpin. The most common would be the television and the video recorder, because we like the convenience of the remote control. But there is no point in having the television on standby at night when you are upstairs in bed. Kitchen appliances, such as microwave cookers, which are used for a few minutes each day, can use up to 20pc of their total energy consumption while they are just sitting there in standby mode.

Shop clever The second target of this years Energy Awareness Week, which runs from Sunday 21 September to Saturday 27 September, is the promotion of energyefficient household appliances, like washingmac michael kors snakeskin purse hines, dishwashers and freezers.

By law, all such domestic appliances must now bear an energy efficiency label when being sold. The labels are easy to understand, with an energy consumption rating running from A to G, with Arated appliances consuming far less energy than those at the bottom of the scale.

When shopping for a new washingmachine, people often consider only the capital cost or the onceoff payment involved, says Halpin. But if you buy an A or B rated machine, it will save you money in the longterm because you will be using less energy. When you leave a room, switch off the light. Replace ordinary light bulbs with compact fluorescent light CFL bulbs that use 80pc less energy. If youre cooking, use the microwave instead of the oven and the toaster instead of the grill. Not overfilling your washingmachine uses less energy and provides a better clothes wash. Dont fill the kettle if you are only making one or two cups of tea. michael kors snakeskin purse