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Published: Thursday 08 August, 2013

michael kors outlet purse michael kors outlet purse Energy Rebates Available to Residents of City of Atlantis

If you reside in the City of Atlantis, or the Towns of Haverhill or Ocean Ridge then now is the time to replace old, energydraining products in your home. Thats because the Municipal Energy Conservation Coalition MECC is making it easier and less expensive for you to do so through an Energy Conservation Rebate Program. The Program, called Energy2Save, is designed to raise awareness and help motivate residents to take action on energy conservation practices that reduce greenhouse gases and energy use. You may also download an application and mail it to the location indicated on the application. Before you apply, make sure you read the qualifications to be sure that you are eligible. After your application is approved, you may purchase and install one of the energy efficient products. After installation, you must submit the required documentation within the app michael kors outlet purse ropriate michael kors outlet purse timeframe and your rebate will be mailed to you. Its that simple!

Other restrictions apply, but the minimum requirements include:

Must own and reside in a singlefamily home, townhouse, or condo, within the program area where the energy efficient product will be installed.

< michael kors outlet purse br />Must be a Florida Power and Light FPL account holder at the residence that you are installing the rebate product.

Application must be completed, submitted and approved before the applicant may purchase the energy efficient product for which they wish to seek a rebate.. michael kors outlet purse