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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

michael kors hamilton tote sale michael kors hamilton tote sale Edward Snowden may travel to Iceland on private jet

Everything is ready on our side and the plane could take off tomorrow, Icelandic businessman Olafur Sigurvinsson, head of WikiLeaks partner firm DataCell, told Channel2 television late on Thursday.

We have really done all we can do. We have a plane and all the logistics in place. Now we are only awaiting a response from the Icelandic government, added the boss of Datacell, which handles donations to WikiLeaks.

The private jet belongs to a Chinese firm and has been chartered at a cost of more than $US240,000 $A261,751 thanks to individual contributions received by Datacell, he said.

WikiL michael kors hamilton tote sale eaks founder, Australian Julian Assange, said on Wednesday he had been in contact with representatives of Snowden to discuss his possible bid for asylum in Iceland following his disclosure of US surveillance programs.

Former US government contractor Snowden, who turns 30 on Friday, fled to Hong Kong on May 20. The United States has yet to file any formal extradition request after his bombshell leak of the National Securit michael kors hamilton tote sale y Agency programs.

Iceland has said it held informal talks with an intermediary of Snowden over the possibility of seeking political asylum, but that he must present himself on Icelandic soil.

Snowden has expressed an interest in taking refuge in Iceland, saying it is michael kors hamilton tote sale a country that stands up for internet freedoms.

However, observers say Icelands new centreright coalition may be less willing to anger the United States than its leftist predecessor.

Sigurvinsson said it was unlikely that Snowden would travel to Iceland without receiving a green light from the government in Reykjavik.

It would be stupid to come here only to be extradited to the United States. In that case hed be better off where he is, the businessman said.

Snowden has gone to ground in Hong Kong, surfacing to conduct media interviews from undisclosed locations.

Assange this week marked a year in refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Sweden wants to put him on trial for rape, but the WikiLeaks founder says the prosecution is politically motivated. michael kors hamilton tote sale