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Published: Monday 09 September, 2013

michael kors crossbody bag michael kors crossbody bag A technical fix for the greenhouse effect

A GROUP of industrial scientists specialising in energy has proposed a formula to cut Britains contribution to the greenhouse effect. The blueprint, published last week by the independent Watt Committee on Energy, charts how industry and government could stabilise emissions of greenhouse gases at the levels produced in 1988, up to the year 2000. This is the target supported by last years conference of ministers from 24 countries on Atmospheric Pollution and Climatic Change, held in The Hague.

The ye michael ko michael kors crossbody bag rs crossbody bag arlong study concludes with a package of shortterm measures, including the introduction of more efficient power stations burning natural gas a cleaner fuel than coal; more reliance on wind energy; stepping up the production of energy from waste; and a series of measures to conserve en michael kors crossbody bag ergy in homes and commercial buildings . michael kors crossbody bag