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Published: Friday 26 July, 2013

isabel marant fur jacket isabel marant fur jacket Dallas County Environmental News

DALLAS June 19, 2013 The ScienceNews Radio Network SNRN is calling for any plans of prosecution in the Edward SnowdenNSA leaks to be shifted instead to the guardians of the sensitive information, the Examiner has learned.

The editorial, to be broadcast Monday, June 24, says all blame should be placed on Booz Allen Hamilton, where Snowden had unfettered access to the sensitive information, and to the NSA who was supposed to oversee activities and protect the data.

SNRN broadcasts the awardwinning and highly respected science program Promise of Tomorrow With Colo isabel marant fur jacket nel Mason. The program originates in Dallas and will then be heard Webcast and archived for its world audience. Those of us who believe that Edward Snowden, the guy who leaked surveillance secrets of the National Security Agency, should be prosecuted, as most Americans agree according to a poll conducted by USA TODAY and the Pew Research Center, might better step back and take another look, Mason will say on the program.

If what Snowden did was really so egregious and detrimental to US security, says Mason, why did our government allow a person at his level access to this information at all? Isnt the real culprit here Booz Allen Hamilton, the government contractor that allowed for this breach, and our own NSA for lack of oversight?

Mason contends many feel we need to look at Snowden as a patriot and not as a criminal because a person with real terrorist intent could have just as easily infiltrated the sloppy activities of Booz Allen Hamilton but would have kept quiet, using the information to really do harm over time.

Snowden just blew the whistle, says Mason, and sadly the only ones at whom we should be angry are the security people at Booze Allen who have egg on their faces, and the NSA oversight people who were not doing their jobs in guarding this information.

Mason says his Cyber warfare sources constantly advise the bad guys are not going away anytime soon. Our sec isabel marant fur jacket urity people stupidly snoozed in leaving us vulnerable before 9/11, and it seems our NSA and it isabel marant fur jacket s contractors havent smartened up any, says Mason. They are the ones who should be prosecuted, not Snowden. And the best place to start is at the top with Jim Clappers head rolling. isabel marant fur jacket

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