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Published: Thursday 29 August, 2013

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Public Service Electric Gas wants to spend $45.9 million on a range of projects aimed at helping residents and small businesses conserve how much electricity and gas they use each day, a step that could lower skyrocketing bills.

The Newark utility is scheduled to file with the state Board of Public Utilities today a petition to conduct energy audits, install programmable thermostats, and retrofit lighting at homes and businesses in Newark and Trenton, and eventually other urban areas. The initiative is the first by the utility since Gov. Corzine signed a controversial bill earlier this year aimed at curbing greenhouse gases by allowing utilities to invest in energy conservation and renewable energy projects.

PSE request supercedes a previous filing made last December in which the utility sought to spend $5 million to help lowincome customers and businesses in urban areas cut their energy use. If approved by the BPU, the new program would hope to reach 30,000 customers over four years, including hospitals and large businesses.

Under the program, PSE would recover the program through a small energy charge on every customers bill. In the first year, the new charge would add about 42 cents to a typical residential customers gas bill and 12 cents to a typical residential customers electric bill. The utility argues the savings resulting from using less energy dwarf the increase from the surcharge.

The legislative handbags factory outlet allowing utilities to participate in conservation and renewable energy projects was controversial because it included a decoupling provision that would allow the companies to raise rates to make up for the reduced revenue because customers are using less gas and electricity. PSE filing does not include a decouplin handbags factory outlet g provision.

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