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Published: Sunday 11 August, 2013

hamilton bag by michael kors hamilton bag by michael kors Fight Global Warming

Right now I feel that we need to address a very important issue that will severely affect our generations to come if we don help to stop it now. That important issue that ne hamilton bag by michael kors eds to be addressed is Global Warming.

For the peoplewho living under a rock, global warming is the average increase of the Earth temperature. If that happens, there will be major changes in the climate. If the Earth is much warmer than usual, there will be changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea levels and a severe impact on plants, wildlife and us.

Many scientists have determined that we have a significant contribution to Global Warming. Our activities of adding excessive amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere are the reason why. Greenhouse gases are gases that occur naturally like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Because of the effect, the greenhouse gases absorbs and hold heat in the atmosphere causing the Earth to warm up.

We release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning wastes, wood and fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal. We release nitrous oxide into the atmosphere by agricultural and industrial processes. Methane is emitted into the atmosphere when organic waste decomposes and also by producing and transporting fossil fuels.

How can hamilton bag by michael kors we as an individual help decrease the causes?

I know that you may think that just one person, what kind of impact can I do on the world? You not alone, probably millions of people think the same way. You just need to know that helping toreduce Global Warming or anything else you do is done one step at a time.

Here a list of what you can do.

Install compact fluorescent light bulbs CFLs

Unplug appliances when you not using themIf you work or go to school, walk or ride a bike

If you can walk or bike to work or school, buy a hybrid car or use public transportation

Wash your clothes only when you have a full load

Use recycled paper

Buy locally made and locally grown products

Use a push mower instead hamilton bag by michael kors of a motor mower

Inspire other people around you to help prevent Global Warming

This is only ten ways you can do to help reduce Global Warming. If you want to learn more ways on how you can helpreduce Global Warming, below isa list of links on how you can. hamilton bag by michael kors