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Published: Friday 30 August, 2013

coach outlet online coach outlet online ´╗┐Environmental legislation and voluntary environmental disclosure

This thesis investigates the incentives associated with voluntary environmental disclosures made by Australian firms in their annual reports. Primarily, examinat coach outlet online ion is undertaken of the rationale for intraindustry variation in disclosure, investigating mining, industrial and financial industries. The hypotheses developed are based upon the premise that current environmental legislation imposes nontrivial costs upon Australian firms resulting in expenditure which the firms wish to report to interested parties. The conduct of activities, and investment in activities, identified by legislation as environmentally detrimental are argued to heighten the demand for disclosure of firm compliance in certain circumstances. A variant of stakeholder theory Roberts, 1992 is also utilised to argue that certain parties are likely, due to consequences of the legislation, to demand the firm disclose environmenta coach outlet online l information. Generally, the more legislatively identified activities conducted or invested in, the higher the expected level of environmental disclosure.

The results of the study provide support for proposition that conduct of certain activities by a firm provide incentives for environmental disclosure. However, the level of investment in activities is a comparatively inferior measure. The nature of the activity is paramount to the relationship with disclosure. Activities impacting directly upon the environment, such as mining, woodchipping, or land development, exhibit a positive relationship with disclosures, while industrial operations, such as food processing, exhibit a consistently negative association. Generally, the type of activities conducted are more strongly associated w coach outlet online ith disclosures by mining firms than disclosure by industrials. coach outlet online