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Published: Thursday 18 July, 2013

cheap sneaker cheap sneaker ´╗┐Countdown for Refcom to register companies to F

Work will start in earnest to process applications, says chief executive Bruce Kirton

Refcom says it is ready and waiting to register UK businesses operating in the stationary refrigeration, airconditioning and heatpump Srac sector after its appointment as a mandatory Fgas company certification body.

Refcom said in a statement that it received approval from Def cheap sneaker ra earlier this week after finalising details of an agreement reached in principle in February this year. It was also announced that a similar a cheap sneaker greement will soon be signed with the Department of the Environment for Srac businesses operating in Northern Ireland.

Its chief executive, Bruce Kirton is now urging businesses to contact the body and get either an interim or full company certificate to meet the looming 4 July deadline.

Company certification is a legal requirement under Sections 23 and 24 of the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases FGG Regulations 2009, which became law in March 2009.

Refcom has set out the details of a businesss requirements such as obtaining an interim or full company certificate with engineers holding relevant qualifications and the charges that apply to certification:

Interim certification for the period to July 2011 will cost 70 for sole traders;90 for businesses with two to nine refrigeration engineers;150 for businesses with 10 to 49 engineers;350 for businesses employing 50 or more engineers;A threeyearly, full certification fee for the above categories will be 140, 180, 365 a cheap sneaker nd 800. cheap sneaker