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Published: Friday 16 August, 2013

cheap online handbags cheap online handbags ´╗┐definition of Global warmng by the Free Online Dictionary

global warmingn. An increase in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change.

global warmingn Earth Sciences / Physical Geography an increase in the average cheap online handbags temperature worldwide believed to be caused by the greenhouse effect

n. an increase in the earths average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect.

1975 global warming An increase in the average temperature of the Earths atmosphere, especially a sustained increase great enough to cause changes in the global climate. The Earth has experienced numerous episodes of global warming through its history, and currently appears to be undergoing such warming. The present warming is generally cheap online handbags attributed to an increase in the greenhouse effect , brought about by increased levels of greenhouse gases, largely due to the effects of human industry and agriculture. Expected longterm effects of current global warming are rising sea levels, flooding, melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, fluctuations cheap online handbags in temperature and precipitation, more frequent and stronger El Nios and La Nias, drought, heat waves, and forest fires. See more at greenhouse effect.

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global warming globln oteplovn global opvarmning Erwrmung der Erdatmosphre calentamiento del planeta ilmaston lmpeneminen rchauffement climatique globalno zatopljenje riscaldamento globale algehele temperatuurstijging op aarde global oppvarming globalne ocieplenie aquecimento global oo o global uppvrmning kresel snma s m ln ton cu glo warm n. calentamiento global, aumento de los niveles de gases tales como el di de carbono que provoca el alce de la temperatura de la tierra y que puede afectar muchos sistemas biol incluyendo la salud del ser humano. cheap online handbags