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Published: Saturday 31 August, 2013

cheap mk watches cheap mk watches About us NHS Networks

GovToday is the lea cheap mk watches ding public sector Communications Channel working within the fields of sustainability and health reform. Specialising in Conferenc cheap mk watches es, Publications and Broadcasting, GovToday aims to deliver opinion and debate on key issues affecting both fields.

The NHS Sustainable Development Unit SDU provides leadership, support and policy input to ensure the NHS in England is the leading public sector organisation in promoting sustainable development and mitigating climate change.

The main aim for both GovToday and the NHS SDU is to allow Network users to easily access information and to create contacts. This will enable them to learn from each other/share best practice/learn from each others best practice, improve sustainability, reduce carbon and improve energy management within their organisation. Sustainability is an essential element of the Quality and Productivity challenge and is key to helping the NHS save money, reduce long term costs and improve patient care.

Background to the Sustainable agenda and NHS Sustainable Futures

The UK Government has committed to take action now and has introduced the Climate Change Act with a target to cut carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2050, with a reduction of 34% by 2020 across the UK.

The NHS has an annual carbon footprint of 21 million tonnes the NHS now measures 6 greenhouse gases and not solely CO2 in line with Government guidelines. This is composed of building energy 24%, travel 17% and procurement 59%. This means that the Climate Change Act targets will be a huge challenge.

Through this network we hope to provide our users with the tools and resources needed to improve sustainability and reduce NHS greenhouse gas emissions. The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy NHS has set targets in line with the UK government.

The NHS Carbon Reduction targets are:

10% by 201534% by 202064% by 2030 80% by 2050

In order for us to help you succeed in implementing a sustainable action plan in your organisation we need you to share your examples and ideas so we can help make the NHS even more energy efficient and su cheap mk watches stainable.

This is what we are about, sharing. Both GovToday and the NHS SDU know that by sharing best practice across our forums we can go some way to achieving the NHS carbon reduction targets and help make our NHS fit for the future. However, to do that, we need your help and for you to get involved. cheap mk watches