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Published: Tuesday 24 September, 2013

cheap boat shoes cheap boat shoes Copenhagen Pits United States Against Developing Nations

Basically, de Boer said, its because countries hav cheap boat shoes e split into different groups, and those groups are insisting on diffe cheap boat shoes rent things. And so far, no ones been willing to budge on the priorities. So they want more financial support.

Island nations, like Maldives, say their top priority is keeping global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius in the coming decades. Allowing temperatures to creep higher is the equivalent of a suicide pact in their minds, de Boer says, since rising sea levels would wipe many of them out. That means they want global emissions to come down as quickly as possible.

Big developing countries, like China, are insisting that the industrialized world make steeper cuts in its emissions than whats been put on the proverbial table.

And the developed world, led by the United States, is demanding that China and other major developing countries not only get a grip on their emissions but also agree to cheap boat shoes let the world track whether their emissions are improving. As Sen. John Kerry pointed out today, by 2020, China is predicted to emit 40 percent more greenhouse gases than the United States.

Though the United States and China are getting most of the attention, de Boer says, a lot more people than those two countries have success and failure in their hands.

Negotiators are expected to continue working late into the evening in preparation for the arrival of many heads of state tomorrow.

Todays talks failed to produce any breakthroughs, but de Boer said he remains optimistic a deal can be reached by Friday. He acknowledged that time is running out. cheap boat shoes