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Published: Friday 02 August, 2013

canadian winter clothing canadian winter clothing Edward Snowden grilled

and reemerged in Hong Kong, then flew to Moscow following reports he gave interviews and further information to the Chinese Communists, according to the Huffington Post.

Reportedly, he had a ticket for a flight several days ago to Cuba, but he was a no show. As eager journalists spilled onto the plane some person other than Snowden was in his seat.

One can imagine the chagrin of the reporters who descended on the passenger in Snowdens seat when they realized he was not who he was supposed to be. And imagine the even greater shock of the passenger who wondered why the paparazzi were pointing their cameras in his direction.

As for Snowden, he has given up a lot for his new celebrity status. What kind of life can he have in Iceland, Cuba, Ecuador, Russia or wherever he lands?

The famous British spy Kim Philby did escape to the Soviet Union when his cover was blown. However, as one British diplomat put it, that was his punishment. A life sentence in the shadow of the Kremlin.

While the Russians have stoutly denied they are detaining Snowden in their winter wonderland, one has to wonder if the grim reality of his future has begun to canadian winter clothing sink in yet in the mind of the young whistleblower who threw away a $222,000 a year job for this.

canadian winter clothing Russian leader Putin said Snowden was not in Russian territory, although he was in a special area of a Moscow airport, according to CNN today.

Snowden may be wellintentioned, but he has paid a heavy price.

Julian Assange, the most famous leaker, has said his organization Wikileaks is protecting the worlds top fugitive.

It will be interesting to see where Snowden ends up in this fascinating saga of international intrigue.

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