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Published: Sunday 01 September, 2013

canada goose women uk canada goose women uk ´╗┐Discount prices and free shipping on CFL lamps

On Earth Day, if all the talk about carbon footprints, greenhouse gases and global warming isnt enough motivation to aim for a more conservative lifestyle, perhaps an opportunity to save some green might be a greater enticement.

Those in the market for indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures, floor lamps or desk lighting can save a considerable amount on ecofriendly lighing options at the online store of New Jerseys Clean Energy Program.

The Clean Energy Store is a dedicated page on the consumer web site of the En canada goose women uk ergy Federation, a Massachusettsbased organ canada goose women uk ization of energyrelated nonprofits incorporated to get better pricing on conservation products and to encourage consumers to use resources more efficiently. New Jersey residents buying through the Clean Energy Programs online store get further discounts on energysaving light fixtures and bulbs.

A sample of prices: $10 to $39.40 for dometype ceiling fixtures, $13 to $61 for bathroom vanity lighting, and $69 for pendant lights. Basic desk lamps are $5 and $7. Floor lamps, appropriate for a student apartment start at $19.20. Table and floor lamps with a brass or nickel finish are $30.20 to $35.90.

The Clean Energy Store also offers spiral, bulb, and flood light CFLs, an canada goose women uk d LED downlights and bulbs. Prices start at 95 cents each for CFLs, with free shipping for orders of $25 or more. Remember that CFLs contain mercury and so cant be thrown out with regular trash. They can be recycled at Home Depot, Lowe and Ikea stores.

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