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Published: Friday 30 August, 2013

canada goose stockist uk canada goose stockist uk Do These Images Show the Dangers of Climate Change

So your proof that propaganda is not convincing the low intelligence crowd that Global Warming isn canada goose stockist uk t real is 2 propaganda websites? One is the opinion of a WEATHERMAN and the other is the 100% obliterated propaganda they use with numbers and dates to make the low intelligence crowd think they are smart. 99% of Climate Scientists say that Global Warming is real, the other 1% work for ENERGY COMPANIES. Please give me some more unbiased proof, maybe worldnutdaily has an article or Fox News? You are never going to believe reality because the political team youve chosen is running with the there is no global warming ball.

Joe Bastardi has a Bachelors degree in meteorology. That does NOT make him a scientist. That he canada goose stockist uk questions human causes of global warming makes him a skeptic, which isnt a bad thing, however, nearly all climate scientists agree that human CO2 canada goose stockist uk emissions and other greenhouse gases are contributing to an exponential rise in overall global temperatures. Those who write articles debating this are almost universally employed by bit energy and oil corporations. Who has an agenda here? Follow the money.

Bastardi has argued that carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming because this would violate the first law of thermodynamics, a misunderstanding of that gass role in causing warming, and because CO2 is heavier than other gases in the air. If you mean humans had anything to do with it, and ESPECIALLY evil corporations, why not let people who live on the coast sue for damages when it happens rather than get insurance beforehand which they never seem to do BECAUSE the govt. comes in with the taxpayers money to rebuild and the media harem swoops in to ask people how they feel about rebuilding efforts and if they are having any trouble with their govt. overseers trying to skimp on the blank check. canada goose stockist uk