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Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

sneaker for sale online sneaker for sale online Aquino stronger after Philippine elections

Aquinos ruling Liberal Party and its allies were set to gain control of both houses of congress, according to the official election tally with more than 75 per cent of Mondays votes counted.

Most crucial was control of the Senate, with Aquino allies on t sneaker for sale online rack to win nine of 12 seats contested in the midterm elections to give the president a comfortable majority that would allow him to much more easily pass legislation.

Since we will have a greater support in the Senate, that means we will be able to push our reform agenda, the laws that we feel are our priorities for the country, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters.

Aquino won a landslide election victory in 2010 on a platform to fight corruption and improve the standard of governance, problems widely blamed for crushing poverty that most of the nations 100 million people endure.

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He was widely credited at home an sneaker for sale online d abroad for a successful start to the massive task, and he remains one of the most popular presidents in the countrys history.

In his first three years, Aquino had majority support of the lower house but not the Senate.

He was still able to get through important and controversial pieces of legislation, such as the mainly Catholic countrys first statebacked birth control program and increased sin taxes for tobacco and alcohol.

One of Aquinos most important upcoming reforms is a plann sneaker for sale online ed peace pact with Muslim rebels to end a decadeslong insurgency in the south of the country that has claimed an estimated 150,000 lives and severely curbed economic growth.

He will need parliamentary endorsement of the peace deal.

Aquino also wants to pass legislation to expand health care and other social services to the poor, while passing a longdelayed law forcing mining firms to pay higher taxes was also a top priority.

Aquino is restricted by the constitution to one term of six years. The strengthened position for Aquino following Mondays elections is also expected to help him promote a potential successor to continue with his reforms.

But wins for a host of controversial candidates underlined what critics said were the many problems still facing the Philippines young democracy, 27 years after the end of dictator Ferdinand Marcoss rule.

Marcoss 83yearold widow, Imelda, easily won a second straight term in the nations lower house representing a northern province, Ilocos Norte, that for decades has been a loyal family stronghold. sneaker for sale online