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Published: Sunday 18 August, 2013

online winter wear online winter wear ´╗┐Economic Stimulus Package

Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the Earths atmosphere are increasing and are responsible for a multitude of major climate changes. Ice deposits in the Polar Regions and on glaciers on thousands of mountains are melting at steadily increasing rates.

Huge amounts of fresh water are added to the worlds oceans and are raising sea levels. Low lying coastal areas with their huge assets of fertile lands, populous cities, a online winter wear nd expensive infrastructures are threatened by encroaching seas.

Regional climates are changing and are interfering with historic precipitation patterns, are causing droughts, are creating severe flooding, and are spawning more violent windstorms. Local temperature patterns are mostly trending up, are leading to changes in biological life forms, and are beginning to lead to the extinction of animal and plant species.

The effects of these changes are still moderate. However, it is prudent to expect that continuing greenhouse gas emissions will result in more severe and more dangerous consequences.

It took sixty years to overload the Earths atmosphere with destructive greenhouse gases. No technologies are available yet to limit or reduce these damaging emissions. It will take more than fifty years to first halt and then remove these trace gases from the atmosphere.

At the same time, world economies are facing another, growing threat to their wellbeing and continuing growth. Petroleum reserves around the world are being depleted. The Big Bank Fraud of 2008 brought a worldwide recession and led to a major retreat of petroleum demand on world markets. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC is waiting for demand to increase again and online winter wear for giving their Cartel a reason for moving petroleum prices skywards.

The outlook for world economies of being able to resume healthy growth is depressing and without bright spots in view of escalating ecological threats, worldwide economic recessions instigated by unscrupulous financial institutions, and a petroleum cartel waiting to redouble petroleum prices.

What the world needs now are a few quick acting, Economic Stimulus Projects that create economic activities and inject anticipation and hope into markets! Highly successful predecessors abound; the Manhattan Project of 1942, the Marshall Plan of 1948, and the Apollo Project of 1961. Each project was highly effective, and each led to major economic, financial, and political returns.

Despite the dramatically different objectives of each of these projects they had one feature in common; they all provided cash for the quick acceleration and implementation of a variety of audacious ideas that all resulted in transformational, history changing accomplishments.

At this time, world economies are looking for the creation of much needed novel, critically missing energy technologies. Four huge problems must be faced urgently to avoid additional damages and further slowing of world economies.

1. Emissions from fossil fuel combustion must be halted.

2. Electricity must instead be generated from nuclear heat, solar energy, and wind power.

3. Fossil petroleum must be replaced by a substitute produced from biomass, and

4. Accumulation of atmospheric greenhouse gases must be reversed.

Responding to and solving these four existential challenges will be a monumental triumph that can be achieved only by one of the three major economic world powers; the USA, the European Union, or China.

Whichever superpower succeeds in developing the required proprietary technologies first, will be rewarded with lots of economic activities, with an abundance of new jobs, and with a long lasting, very profitable lead time for creating new international businesses with annual online winter wear markets that are measured in trillions of dollars. online winter wear