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Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

online designer wear online designer wear Eating green

The food choices we make actually have a significant impact on our environment. According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, the typical Australian diet is particularly environmentally unfriendly due to the amount of meat and dairy products we consume.

To put this impact into perspective, it takes 100,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of grainfed beef compared to 500 litres for 1kg of potatoes, 900 litres for 1kg of wheat and 200 litres for 1kg of soy beans. If we reduced our dairy intake by just two cups of milk each week we could save 13,000 litres of water and 250kg of greenhouse pollution each year.

Generally, t online designer wear he more processed the food is, the more energy needed to produce it. And the further it has travelled, the greater the amount of greenhouse gases likely to have been produced in transportation. Food that is organically produced is better for the environment because production doesnt involve the use of herbicides or pesticides and farming methods are designed to reduce soil erosion.

Green meals

Include more plantbased food such as fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds instead of meat. Vegetarian options such as tofu stirfry, lentil bolognaise, vegetable lasagne, kidneybean burgers or chickpea curry can make mealtimes more environmentally friendly.

Choose alternate calcium sources

Reducing your dairy intake doesnt mean you have to miss out on calcium. Fortified soymilk, almonds, sesame seeds, soybeans, broccoli and fortified breakfast cereals can all contribute to your calcium needs.

Purchase minimally processed food

Choose foods that are minimally processed and packaged to help reduce energy consumption. Try using fresh produce as the base of most of your meals.

Buy local

Make a point of finding where the food you buy is produced, support local farmers markets, try to buy foods that are made or produced in Australia and when you can, buy organic.

Reduce waste

Try using what you already have before going shopping for more food. And when you do online designer wear go shopping, make a list so you dont buy unnecessary items. Choosing foods that have minimal packaging can also help to reduce waste.

Weve provided just a few ideas here but what are your best tips for eating green?

This information is provided by the Sanitarium Nutrition Service.

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