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Published: Wednesday 18 September, 2013

michael kors womens watches michael kors womens watches Effects of global warming accelerating

In March 2 michael kors womens watches 007, the UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that global warming, if unchecked, would lead to a devastating amalgam of floods, drought, disease and extreme weather.

The worlds oceans would rise between 18cm and 59cm, enough to wipe out several small island nations and wreak havoc for tens of millions living in lowlying deltas in east Asia.

A new study factors in likely water runoff from disintegrating glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, and found the rise could be much higher.

In addition, a new report says world oceans are under threat from a rising tide of manmade rubbish, damaging wildlife, tourism and seafood industries and piling additional stress on seas already hit by climate change.

The report by USbased Ocean Conservancy detailed what it called a global snapshot of marine debris based on itemised records of rubbish collected by nearly 400,000 volunteers in 104 countries and places in a single day in September 2008.

Close to 3.2m kg of rubbish was collected from oceans, lakes, rivers and waterways in the 2008 cleanup.

Topping the list of the 11.4m items of trash collected were cigarette butts, plastic bags, and food wrappers and conta michael kors womens watches iners.

In the Philippines alone, 11,077 nappies were picked up, and 19,504 fishing nets were recovered in Britain.

In Brussels yesterday, more than 300 Greenpeace activists were arrested, and five slightly injured, after they briefly blocked the entrances to the main EU building.

Wearing yellow and blue ponchos and bearing banners saying Save the climate and Bail out the planet, activists from 20 countries participated in the surprise demonstration seeking greater effort in fighting climate change.

The protest targeted the Justus Lipsius building in the heart of Brussels. Finance ministers were meeting at the time of the action.

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a comprehensive system for reporting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The new plan for a carbon registry would affect fossil fuel suppliers, carmakers and companies that emit at least 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases a year. michael kors womens watches