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Published: Thursday 29 August, 2013

michael kors sale purses michael kors sale purses ´╗┐Environment Minister and International Partners Launch New Global Climate and Clean Air Initiative

February 16, 2012 Today, Canada Environment Minister, the Honourable Peter Kent, alongside United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Environment Ministers from participating countries, launched a new global initiative aimed at making rapid progress on countering climate change and improving air quality. The new initiative, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce ShortLived Climate Pollutants, is composed of six participating countriesBangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Mexico, Sweden and the United Statesand supported by the United Nation michael kors sale purses s Environment Programme UNEP.

is an important alliance that will serve to reduce emissions, help counter climate change, and work towards delivering a global solution to this global problem, said Minister Kent. action on shortlived climate pollutants SLCPs will yield positive results in the nearterm as we continue to make progress in our efforts to reduce emissions from longerlived greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. is estimated that SLCP emissions, such as methane, black carbon soot, and tropospheric ozone, will contribute about half of the climate warming from current anthropogenic emissions over the next couple of decades. They have critical impacts on water cycle, crop yields, air quality and human health. This issue is of particular i michael kors sale purses mportance for Arctic countries, as black carbon has an additional warming effect when depo michael kors sale purses sited on snow and ice. michael kors sale purses