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Published: Wednesday 11 September, 2013

michael kors official outlet store michael kors official outlet store A radical mechanism for methane buildup

Two scientists suggest a link between the atmospheric buildup of methanean important greenhouse gasand a shortage of a highly reactive molecule called the hydroxyl radical hydroxyl radical: see hydroxide. . Their surprising finding indicates that hydroxyl hydroxyl // hidroksil the univalent radical OH.

The univalent radical or group OH, a characteristic component of bases, certain acids, phenols, alcohols, carboxylic depletion in the Northern Hemisphere is about twice as severe as previously believed.

Hydroxyl acts as an atmospheric cleanser, breaking down a variety of pollutants pollutants

see environmental pollution. . One of these is methane, which ranks second only to carbon dioxide carbon dioxide, chemical compound, CO2, a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is about one and onehalf times as dense as air under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure. as a contributor to the greenhouse effect greenhouse effect: see global warming. greenhouse effect

Warming of the Earths surface and lower atmosphere caused by water vapour, carbon dioxide, and other trace gases in the atmosphere. Visible light from the Sun heats the Earths surface. . When methane reacts with hydroxyl, it forms a much less stable compound that dissipates quickly.

Theoretically, hydroxyl should hel michael kors official outlet store p limit the greenhouse effect by shortening methanes lifespan in the atmosphere, notes Jim Kao, an atmospheric scientist at Los Alamos Los Alamos l l uninc. town 1990 pop. It is on a long mesa extending from the Jemez Mts. Yet global methane levels are currently increasing by about 1 percent a year. Scientists have yet to fully account for that rise, but Kao asserts that a shortage of hydroxyl may help explain it.

In the new study, Kao and Xuexi Tie used a threedimensional theoretical model, verified with measurements of atmospheric chemicals from stations scattered worldwide. The results, initially discussed at a climate symposium in December, suggest that the Northern Hemisphere has about onefourth as much hydroxyl as the Southern Hemisphere. Kao says the northern depletion could be tied to the preponderance of industrial polluters there.

Kao and Tie announced their finding earlier this month in a press release.

Noun 1. publicizing the business of drawing public attention to goods and services

advertising their unusual results until the study passed peer review and appeared in a scientific journal. For one thing, notes Clarisa M. Spivakovsky of Harvard University Harvard University, mainly at Cambridge, Mass., including , the oldest American college., originally for men, was founded in 1636 with a grant from the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. , a similar study using a different 3D model reported in the Oct. 20 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCHdid not support severe hydroxyl depletioSpivakovsky, who led the earlier study, remains skeptical of Kaos findings. Nonetheless, she says, if levels of hydroxyl have dwindled, this would help explain the rise in me michael kors official outlet store thane.

The widely varying estimates may stem in part from hydroxyls unstable nature. With a lifetime of only a few seconds or less, the compound is extremely difficult to measure, so scientists must make indirect estimates using complex theoretical models and relying on supercomputers to make michael kors official outlet store sense of the vast amount of information. Kao says his results may reflect his models higher resolution, which subdivided data into 20 atmospheric layers instead of nine.

Researchers need better hydroxyl estimates because the compound could have important effects on greenhouse gases and other pollutants, says Jose Rodriguez The name Jos Rodrguez or Jose Rodriguez may refer to: Jose Rodriguez activist, a Canal Zoneborn peace activist Jos Rodrguez baseball, Puerto Rican baseball player Jos Rodrguez boxer Jos Rodrguez cyclist, Spanish competitive cyclist of Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., in Cambridge, Mass. While he questions the early release of the Los Alamos results, he adds that a depletion could well be happening. michael kors official outlet store