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Published: Tuesday 17 September, 2013

michael kors factory outlet michael kors factory outlet Edward Snowden hiding out in Hong Kong

Booz Allen can michael kors factory outlet confirm that Edward Snowden, 29, was an employee of our firm for less than 3 months, assigned to a team in Hawaii. Snowden, who had a salary at the rate of $122,000, was terminated June 10, 2013 for violations of the firms code of ethics and firm policy. News reports that this individual has claimed to have leaked classified information are shocking, and if accurate, this action represents a grave violation of the code of conduct and core values of our firm.

On June 9, Snowden admitted to the media that he was the leak responsible for releasing classified material regarding topsecret NSA programs, including the PRISM surveillance program responsible for the collection of phone and Internet data.

When admitting to The Guardian that he was indeed the whistleblower, Snowden said:

The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majori michael kors factory outlet ty of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. If I wanted to see your emails or your wifes phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.

I dont want to live in a so michael kors factory outlet ciety that does these sort of things I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under. michael kors factory outlet