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Published: Thursday 01 August, 2013

michael kors bags 2013 michael kors bags 2013 ´╗┐Aluminum Free Antiperspirants

Most antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds as the active ingredient. However, over the years several concerns have been raised up about aluminum. While not everyone agrees on the potentiallyharmful effects of aluminumcontaining antiperspirants, there is no reason to continue using them if an effective alternative can be found.

Until recently, most people used aluminumbased michael kors bags 2013 antiperspirants because they worked. However, modern aluminumfree antiperspirants are coming into their own. Staying truly dry with an aluminumfree antiperspirant is no longer just a pipe dream.

Unlike deodorants, which function st michael kors bags 2013 rictly to control odor, antiperspirants function to actually reduce sweating. Antiperspirants work by temporarily plugging the sweat glands and aluminum does this better tha michael kors bags 2013 n most other products. Most of the time, commercial antiperspirant products also contain deodorants. Deodorants, on the other hand, are widely available without accompanying antiperspirants.

Dangerous Side Effects of Aluminum

Unfortunately, aluminum isnt very good for humans. It has few or no functions inside the body and is a known neurotoxin.

Concerns about aluminum were generally brought to the publics attention in the 1960s and 70s when it became known that aluminum exposure could cause brain and bone diseases. However, human aluminum exposure is not strictly through the use of antiperspirants. Aluminum is also used for many other purposes and found in a number of forms in the environment.

There was a further stir when some people claimed that aluminumcontaining antiperspirants caused breast cancer. A second study wound up concluding that there was no scientificallyprovable link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. The same kind of inconclusive multiple studies, some showing an effect and some not, were done concerning aluminum exposure and Alzheimers disease.

While experts from both sides continue to argue about what may or may not be true, there are some things that are known. Aluminum enters the body through the use of antiperspirant; it does not merely remain on the skin. A onetime use of aluminumcontaining antiperspirant may cause aluminum levels to be detectable in the urine for 16 to 44 days. While these levels of aluminum have not been proven to be dangerous, they are abnormal and unnecessary with the advent of modern aluminumfree antiperspirant options.

Other Side Effects of Aluminum

Aluminum can also cause side effects that are more annoying than dangerous. Itchiness and rashes are common problems in people using aluminumcontaining antiperspirants. Sometimes these side effects are due to other compounds in the product, such as parabens. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose a product that is both aluminumfree and parabenfree. It is now possible to find such as product.

The use of aluminum has side effects for the planet as well as human health. Mining and refining bauxite ore into aluminum is an incredibly energyintensive prospect. This contributes to the creation of greenhouse gases and other negative effects on the earth. michael kors bags 2013