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Published: Friday 20 September, 2013

michael kors 2012 michael kors 2012 Al Gore accused of using his role at Apple to influence their global warming policy

Former Vice President Al Gore has come under fire for allegedly using his position to influence Apples policy on global warming. Chamber of Commerce in 2009.

Several companies terminated their longterm links with the Chamber of Commerce after the trade group opposed the WaxmanMarkey Climate Change Bill and Environment Protection Agency regulation of carbon emissions.

The bill proposed a cap and trade system, under which the government would set a limit on the total amount of greenhouse gases that could be emitted nationally.

An email to shareholders from the Conservative thinktank group read: We are concerned that Apple policy on greenhouse gas regulations was developed to personally benefit a board member in violation of the company business conduct policy.

The group believes that Gore per michael kors 2012 sonal portfolio of energy and greenindustry stocks would have benefited if the global warming policies he supported bec michael kors 2012 ame law.

But Apple have defended Gore in a statement on its shareholders meeting notice.

It reads: The company has a longstanding commit michael kors 2012 ment to environmental responsibility.

The decision to quit the chamber was not driven by any conflict of interest or undue influence by any member of the board. michael kors 2012

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