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Published: Friday 30 August, 2013

longchamp shopper bag longchamp shopper bag Fonterra says change emissions rules

The federation said in its written submission the ETS was fundamentally flawed and should not go ahead because it would result in great harm to the primary sector and the economy as a whole.

Should the emissions trading scheme be retained, the federation submits that agriculture should be excluded, it said.

Dairy giant Fonterra told the committe that New Zealands dairy production could fall by five per cent, costing the economy $650 million annually unless the ETS was changed.

This, said chief executive Andrew Ferrier, would allow other countries to fill the gap in global supply risking further global emissions growth.

Ferrier said that global emissions would increase if a greater proportion of dairy products was produced by countries where production is less carbon efficient than here in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the most greenhouse gas emissionsefficie longchamp shopper bag nt dairy producers in the world, he said.

Ferrier argued that if the New Zealand dairy sector was exposed to an emissions price before its international rivals and before good technology was developed to cut emissions from the dairy supply chain, Fonterras international competitiveness would be compromised.

The gap in supply would then be filled by less greenhouse gasefficient dairy producers.

What is the point in New Zealand losing out economically for no potential global atmospheric gain?, said Ferrier.

A five per cent cut in dairy production, as estimated by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research would be the equivalent of $650 million less dairy production per year.

This would have a knockon effect on New Zealands economy as a whole: of New Zealands total exports from June 2007 to May 2008 of $39.1 billion, Fonterra alone contributed $9.7 billion, or 25 per cent.

Ferrier went on to say that the company supported an Emissions Trading Scheme, as this is the best policy approach to support behaviour change to reduce emissions. But we believe the existing scheme needs modification to ensure New Zealand makes the best possible contribution to longterm global climate stabilisation without compromising economic growth says Ferrier.

New Zealand dairy producers already operated at worlds best practice in terms of greenhouse gas emissions efficiency, said Ferrier.

We want to raise the bar higher and continue to lead the world by making dairy production in New Zealand even more greenhouse gasefficient.

Fonterra is arguing for a scheme that allocates emissions units according to a measure of emissions efficiency per unit of output or intensity.

This, it says, would enable Fonterra to meet the growing global demand for dairy, while still encouraging Fonterra and farmers to lift the bar higher and improve their already worldleading levels longchamp shopper bag of emissions efficiency, thus contributing to a global reduction in greenhouse gases below business as usual levels.

The intensity measurement would be based on best practice emissions per kilogram of milksolids on farm and per kilogram of product from manufacturing. longchamp shopper bag