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Published: Sunday 04 August, 2013

longchamp sale uk online longchamp sale uk online Fossil Fuels in the Philippines

The Philippines is a modest producer of coal but an extensive consumer, especially for coalfired power stations. This creates vulnerabilities for Philippines energy policy: as a net consumer there is a vulnerability to price fluctuations, as a producer, investment in safety and environmental prevention and remediation is not all it could be, and the power stations themselves are hot spots for environment protest. via Flikr under a Creative Commons Licence with Some Rights Reserved.

Im no advocate of coal. This maybe something to do with growi longchamp sale uk online ng up next to a coal tip in the NorthWest of England which still had wisps of smoke coming through the red shale thirty years after it had been abandoned because of an uncontrollable fire, or perhaps it was helping to dig out the bodies of student teachers who had been on the same bus as me that morning, and were now buried under tons of slurry at Aberfan Both my mother and my father died of emphysema, but the doctors carefully filled in the death certificates so the mining companies were protected from the liability of claims based on the industrial disease, silicosis black lung, My mother was from a mining family and longchamp sale uk online she was named for uncles who had been killed in the mines. So I find it difficult to believe in clean coal.

The increasing use of openstrip mining is a direct attack on the environment see the image of the Philippines largest mine above, and even where the mining companies are forced to replace the overburden and replace the forest the result is very artificial. As to tunnel mining there are several fatal mining accidents each year, so much so that we celebrate the uniqueness of miners being rescued in Chile. Most of the coal goes to coalfired power stations where it is burned without much in the way of carbon capture to prevent pollution of the atmosphere.

All that being said, one has to acknowledge that the Philippines at least makes an effort to mitigate the environmental impact of coal. An insufficient effort see the Greenpeace video below, but nevertheless, an effort. Which is a better record than some of its neighbors and some other countries in the world. Given recent events in Japan, I think nuclear energy no longer exists as a viable option for a clea energy policy, if it ever did. Certainly, now, the Bataan nuclear power station may never be fueled.

The Philippines is blessed with the potential of developing many alternative resources of renewable energy. See the accounts of geothermal and tidal energy listed in Related Lens below. Given the power that could be extracted from tidal barrages and geothermal stations in the Philippines, it is possible that coal could be completely substituted for, in the middle to distant future. Meanwhile, one must commend attempts in the Philippines to mitigate the environmental and human cost of coal.

Ive tried to include below links to resources to enable anyone interested to research fairly deeply the Philippines coal industry. Id be grateful if you would let me know of any important resources I may have missed.

Indigenous Peoples Unite Against Mining in Palawan

Indigenous Peoples were shocked to learn this week that the application of three new Philippine mining firms has been approved into one Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement FTAA on Palawan, a UNESCO .

Bishop joi longchamp sale uk online ns celebrities in anticoal protest: CathNews Philippines

Bishop joins celebrities in anticoal protest

ILOILO CITY, PhilippinesProtests against the coalfired power plant here continued to mount after the management of the company denied that foulsmelling emissions came from their facility during a test run last month. longchamp sale uk online