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le pliage large shopper

Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

le pliage large shopper le pliage large shopper Flying up front multiplies your carbon footprint by more than nine times compared to economy class

All those free drinks, lieback seats and extra perks have an unexpected cost that cant be charged to the company expenses account.

First class air passengers are le pliage large shopper much more damaging to the environment than the average traveler, according to new research.

The paper PDF, published in May, explains that those who enjoy first class service have a carbon footprint that is over nine times larger than the humble passenger crunched up in coach class.

Luxury: But first class passengers have a much higher carbon footprint according to new research

Even a passenger in business class ticket has a carbon footprint that is around three times the size as someone in economy. The figure gets worse if some of the expensive seats are left empty.

The research does point out that is doesnt calculate for the relative weight of passengers between classes, but thats a more controversial issue.

Pollution: Emissions of greenhouse gases, such as from this coal fired power station, are increasing global warming

The paper finds that compared with an

average passenger a flier in economy class has a carbon footprin le pliage large shopper t of

0.76, a business class traveler has a figure of 2.30 and a first class

passenger has a whopping 6.89 figure.

A carbon footprint measures an individuals emissions of the greenhouse gases that are responsible for glo le pliage large shopper bal warming.

Air travel represents at least 55 per cent of the organizations carbon footprint and could be as high as 70 per cent, as reported by a World Bank blog.

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