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Published: Tuesday 20 August, 2013

handbag wholesale handbag wholesale do u think global warming is real

This is a fascinating topic, because the physics of this is dead simple. Ill walk through it ONE MORE TIME for all the special kind of stupid people we have here on AB.

1 The Earth is in thermal equilibrium with outer space. The amount of ene handbag wholesale rgy it absorbs from the sun MUST be counterbalanced by the amount of energy it reradiates into space. Otherwise, the planet/atmosphere will get warmer. visible light to enter the Earths atmosphere, but reduce the rate at which infrared wavelengths radiate back out into space.

3 Because greenhouse gases are slowing down the rate at which energy is being reradiated into space, SOM handbag wholesale ETHING must change to compensate. What changes is that the excess incoming energy warms up the Earth/atmosphere until the infrared radiation energy increases enough to overcome the insulating effect of the greenhouse gases and restores energy equilibrium.

THATS IT! Thats anthropogenic global warming in a nutshell. Everything else is argument about how the Earth/atmosphere system will react to that increase in temperature.

People will jabber on endlessly about Al Gore, imaginary cycles that work on the time scale of decades there are cycles, but their periods are much longer, that a warmer planet will be a better planet, etc., but its all nonsense.

The only question now is just how devastating will the consequences be.

What do you think about policy being made that will destroy industries and cost jobs in the name of the Global Warming hoax?

Anyone else think Global Warming and 2012 is a big hoax?

do u think that global warming is a real concern??do u think that v earth biengs will perish one day???

Is Global Warming one big hoax? The planet has been warming for the last 20,000 years.

New research shows Kilimanjaro snows likely g handbag wholesale one by 2022. Isn it amazing the length Al Gore has gone to in making his Global Warming hoax seem real? See LINK: handbag wholesale