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Published: Tuesday 10 September, 2013

designer hand bags designer hand bags ´╗┐accessible bike and pedestrian paths in Raritan Township benefit everyone

One of designer hand bags the few bargains to be found is a plan by Raritan Township officials to make the place friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists. They envision a network of sidewalks and bike paths, including curb ramps, crosswalks and signs. A 25mile bicycle network will connect with existing bike lanes, such as on Voorhees Corner Road and the Foran Boulevard extension.

View Raritan Township proposed bike lanes in a larger map

Executing this plan is financially sound, and not just because it less expensive to build a bike lane than a new road. Every bicyclist and pedestrian potentially represents one less vehicle on the road, one less car squeezing t designer hand bags hrough a busy intersection and one more person getting the exercise that helps keep us healthy.

It one less vehicle spewing fumes and throwing brake dust into our air, burning rubber tires and, of course, consuming the fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gases.

Not everyone can bike or walk to work. But whenever possible there sho designer hand bags uld be accessible, safe routes for everyone who like to cut commuting costs and do Mother Nature a favor.

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