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Published: Sunday 04 August, 2013

cycling wear men cycling wear men EU sets 2014 deadli cycling wear men ne for greenhouse gas plans

pact to slow global warming with curbs taking effect from 2020. They have still to figure out what each nation will do.

Preparing for a climate meeting of government delegates next week in Bonn, Germany, the EU said all countries should sketch out national commitments for limiting rising world greenhouse gases beyond 2020 by the end of 2014.

National plans should be easily comparable so that they could be toughened if needed after a review, the EU said in an official submission to the United Nations. proposal last month that said each nation should merely offer a contribution to the 2015 deal, perhaps by mid2015, to allow a nonbinding review lasting a few months.

Washington says that governments are mor cycling wear men e likely to act if they can define greenhouse gas programmes themselves, rather than be told what to do by outside reviewers. EU officials fear that such national policies will undermine ambition. Economic slowdown has made many governments reluctant to take strong action to shift from fossil fuels towards renewable energies. goal of limiting a rise in temperatures to bel cycling wear men ow 2 degrees Celsius 3.6F above preindustrial times, seen as a threshold for dangerous changes with more floods, droughts and rising seas.

Temperatures have already risen by 0.8 degree C 1.4F since the Industrial Revolution. All the 10 warmest years since records began have been since 1998, even though the rate of warming at the planets surface has slowed this century.

China and India say rich countries should lead the way in making deep cuts in emissions beyond 2020 while giving emerging nations time to burn fossil fuels to promote economic growth.

The European Commission has suggested a 40 percent cut in EU greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels and a goal that renewable energy will supply 30 percent of all energy needs, both by 2030. cycling wear men