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Published: Sunday 28 July, 2013

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Shashi Mohan, President of the Indian Ceramic Society.

He was addressing the press here on Tuesday on the eve of the international conference on lime and dolo calcination technology LimeCon 2012 to be held here for three days from Wednesday under the auspices of the Indian Ceramic Society. The Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and a number of other industries in the sector are assisting in conducting the conference. Dr Shashi Mohan said that roughly 3035 kg of lime and dolomite would be required for making a tonne of steel and so at present steel would require 67 mt of these products. by 2020 when steel production is set to touch 200 mt, the country will require 20 mt or so. Besides, when we take into account th cheap wholesale handbags e requirements of other industries we will need 3540 mt of lime and dolomite by 2020, he said.

There were, he said, a few major problems associated with lime and dolo calcination. we should adopt the most energyefficient technologies in the field of calcination and secondly there would be substantial emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbondioxide and therefore all pollution mitigation measures should be taken. It poses a challenging task, he said.

In the context, he said, the international conference on lime and dolo calcination technologies was being held here from Wednesday and is also heartening that t cheap whol cheap wholesale handbags esale handbags he Indian Lime Association is being formed here on Wednesday. Such a body is required to meet the challenges in the field. cheap wholesale handbags