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Published: Thursday 26 September, 2013

cheap michael kors bags outlet cheap michael kors bags outlet 10 Global Warming Misconceptions

MISCONCEPTION 6 Antarcticas ice sheets are growing, so it must not be true that global warming is causing glaciers and sea ice to melt. Some ice on Antarctica may be growing though other areas of the continent are clearly melting and a new 2006 study shows that overall the ice is shrinking in Antarctica. Even if some of the ice is getting bigger, not shrinking, this doesnt change the fact that global warming is causing glaciers and sea ice to melt around the world. Globally, more than 85% of glaciers are shrinking. And in any case, localized impacts of climate change dont cancel out the global trends that scientists are observing.

Some people also mistakenly claim in Michael Crichtons novel State of Fear, for instance that Greenlands ice is growing. In fact, recent satellite data from NASA shows that Greenlands ice cap is shrinking every year, causing sea levels to rise. The loss of that ice doubled from 1996 to 2005. Greenland lost 50 cubic kilometers of ice in 2005 alone.

MISCONCEPTION 7 Global warming is a good thing, because it will rid us of frigid winters and make plants grow more quickly. This myth just doesnt seem to die. Because local impacts will vary, its true that some specific places may experience more pleasant winter weather. But the negative impact of climate change vastly outweighs any local benefits. Take the oceans, for example. Changes to the oceans caused by global warming are already causing massive dieoffs of coral reefs, which are crucial sources of food and shelter for creatures at every stage of the ocean food chain, all the way up to us.

Melting ice sheets are causing sea levels to rise, and if big ice sheets melt into the ocean, many coastal cities around the world will flood and millions of people will become refugees. These are just some of the consequences of global warming. Other predicted impacts include prolonged periods of drought, more severe flooding, more intense storms, soil erosion, mass species extinction, and human health risks from new diseas cheap michael kors bags outlet es. The small number of people who experience better weather may be doing it in a landscape that is nearly unrecognizable.

MISCONCEPTION 8 The warming scientists are recording is just the effect of cities trapping heat, rather than anything to do with greenhouse gases. People who want to deny global warming because its easier than dealing with it try to argue that what scientists are really observing is just the urban heat island effect, meaning that cities tend to trap heat because of all the buildings and asphalt. This is simply wrong. Temperature measurements are generally taken in parks, which are actually cool areas within the urban heat islands. And longterm temperature records showing just rural areas are nearly identical to longterm records that include both rural areas and cities. Most scientific research shows that urban heat islands have a negligible effect on the overall warming of the planet.

MISCONCEPTION 9 Global warming is the result of a meteor that crashed in Siberia in the early 20th century. This may sound absurd to some of us, but its a real hypothesis suggested by a Russian scientist. So whats wrong with it? Basically, everything. The impact of a meteor, much like a volcanic eruption, might have immediate effects on climate if it were large enough. But there is no record of warming or cooling during the period after this meteor hit. The effects that would have been produced by the meteor would have involved water vapor, which only stays in the upper atmosphere for a few years at the most. Any effects would have been shortterm, and could not be felt this far in the future.

MISCONCEPTION 10 Temperatures in some areas arent increasing, so global warming is a myth. It is certainly true that the temperature is not rising at every point on th cheap michael kors bags outlet e planet. In Michael Crichtons novel The State of Fear, characters pass around graphs that show specific places around the world where temperatures are decreasing slightly or remaining the same. The graphs cheap michael kors bags outlet represent real data from real scientists. But while they may be fact, they dont prove the point. Global warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of the entire Earths surface due to increased levels of greenhouse gases.

Because the climate is an incredibly complex system, the impacts of climate change will not be the same everywhere. Some areas of the globesuch as northern Europemight actually become colder. But this does not change the fact that overall, the surface temperature of the planet is rising, as are the temperatures of our oceans. The gains have been demonstrated by several types of measurementsincluding satellite datathat show the same general results.

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