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Published: Sunday 21 July, 2013

cheap longchamp cheap longchamp Global Warming Presentation

Today you will be exploring several sources that talk abo cheap longchamp ut Global Warming. You will need to collect this information into your Pocket, DropBox and EverNote. I want you to collect all sorts of information today. On Wednesday you will be putting that info into a presentation to share with the class. Disagreement persists, however, over whether or not global climate change is a normal environmental variation, and over how big of a problem global warming could become for the planet.

Amidst such controversy, world leaders have met and outlined legal rules, known as the Kyoto Protocol, to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases. One hundred forty countries that collectively represent 61.6% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide have ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

The United States does not support the Kyoto Protocol and disagrees with a number of its provisions. economy.

You need to pull information off from any of the above web sites that lead you to take a position on global warming. Do you think it is happening or do you think it is a scam? You need to put the information into an EverNote NoteBook If you cheap longchamp find an entire article that is worth saving then Pocket it. You need to find pictures and graphs that will support your stance put those items into Pocket or DropBox.

Make sure you tag everything you store with the following tags Tech, Global Warming

You need to be ab cheap longchamp le to prove to us why you believe or don believe in this when you do your presentation together on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday you will be talking to the class about what you found. For the final presentation you should probably use either DropMark or a Prezi, unless of course you have a different way you would like to show the class what you found. cheap longchamp