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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

canadian goose coats canadian goose coats Do you think this would be a good or bad idea

Nearly 30 years ago, I came to the sad conclusion that the only way the earth was going to survive was to do away with all humans. I thought it was truly a stroke of genius or a source of great hope. Those that I shared this idea with were inclined to commit me to the local institution for the permanently deluded. Since then I have kept the idea to myself.

This summer I was delighted and very reassured to see the publication of the book The World Without Us by Alan Weisman, in which he speculates about what would happen to the earth if all human life were extinguished. finally, one other soul on the planet that thinks the same way I do! What is sad is how long it would take to recover from our our selfindulgence and total thoughtlessness.

No doubt the very religious or human centric thinkers here and elsewhere would accuse you of herasy or worse for this idea, so many think that man is the end all, the reason for existence, either through sheer egotism or because their religion says it is. You are indeed not alone in having come up with the idea, it has crossed my mind once or twice.

The question is what could happen to reduce our population? A disease, natural or artificial a weapon? would wipe us out and likely not much else. If we precipitate an ecosphere collaspe through pollution or climate change we would take much of the life on Earth with us. Remove man from the equation without collateral damage, or even reduce our population drastically, and the Earth could recover fairly quickly at this point. There would be a lot of rearrangement as invasive species made new accomodations with new environments, extinctions would continue at a rapid pace for a while as everything rebalanced, but evolution will sort things out in the end and life would continue.

There is a fairly good chance we will wipe ourselves out. I am not advocating this as a solution, far from it, I hope humanity survives. But for the first time in our history complete destruction of the biosphere is in our grasp. While the likelyhood of a nuclear holocaust is diminishing, the possibility of a biological or environmental holocaust now exists. Before the twentieth century the best any power on Earth could do was lay waste to a city, or a few square miles of countryside, maybe a small country. Now the power to destroy humanity could come out of a single biological laboratory, or even from a single individual, now that is scary.

A reassuring thought that has also come to my mind when I consider this issue, is that despite how hard we try we are unlikely to extinguish life on the planet. We may precipitate a mass extinction event, wiping out most higher life forms from the planet, including ourselves. But we just can not get them all. Life will survive and given the few billion years left to the Earth there is time for a few canadian goose coats more cycles. There will be complex and beautiful biospheres again.

It is only Man who is destroying the Earth, not the animals. Without Man, the Earth would be in balance, with predators keeping prey in check, foliage controlling its own destiny through natural fires and growth limitations, etc., and so on.

There are current estimates that, due to Mans arrogant meddling with nature, the Earth has less than one hundred years to live! Greenhouse gases, ozone holes, melting ice caps, etc., are all too realand ALL are caused my Mans moneydriven corporate greed as the majority of harmful gases and waste, etc., are caused by our factories, nuclear power plants, cars, trucks, and such.

Even places where nature is out of balance has been caused by man! There are many places on the Earth where foreign animal species introduced into a local environment by Man by design or accident have destroyed canadian goose coats the natural species of animals that had once lived there. We stop fires that should be allowed to burn so that areas can be cleared for new growth, and so on.

Until Man came along, the Earth was in perfect balance. If there is a God, Man was His biggest mistake!

Unfortunately, even if Man were to be wipedout tomorrow, it might be too late for the Earth to recover.

I think some parts would be better but some would be worse. Granted we wouldnt be trashing the lakes and oceans or polluting the air but the land would be overrun with wild plants and I think most of the animals would die off.

I think a lot of plants would become extinct because other plants would take over. Just like plants, a lot of animals would become extinct because other animals would eat them. The oceans would become over populated and a lot of lakes would die out because of excess plant life in the water.

We may harm the environment but I think we do more good for it than harm. Earth has been around for a few billion years and since the evolution of humans, things have gotten a lot better. Dinosaurs ruled millions of years ago and now theyre all gone. Im sure there are a lot of plants and animals that have disappeared over the years and since there were no humans around to keep them alive, theyre gone and will never come back. At least we try to keep things from becoming ext canadian goose coats inct.

I dont understand how anyone can say that we humans are causing global warming. Six billion years and weve only got a little over 100 years of data! How can you make any kind of predictions with stats like that. canadian goose coats