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Published: Saturday 31 August, 2013

balenciaga first bag balenciaga first bag ´╗┐efficient bulbs increase greenhouse gases

Compact fluorescent lights are a darling of the environmental movement, but theyre also likely to cause a net increase in greenhousegas emissions, according to a BC Hydro document.

Over the past five years, Hydros promotion of compact fluorescents, or CFLs, has been so effective that British Columbia is now a North American leader in using the energysaving bulbs.

Switch to coolburning fluorescents and you use less power but your house is bit colder so you turn up the thermostat to compensate.

If you live in a house with a gas furnace, youre going to burn more fuel and cause more greenhouse gas GHG to be emitted into the atmosphere. asked Hydro about the impact of plans by the provincial and federal governments to tighten regulations concerning the energy efficiency of lightin balenciaga first bag g.

By 2017, Hydro balenciaga first bag said, it anticipates efficient lighting could annually save balenciaga first bag 480 gigawatt hours of electricity.

However, Hydro also states that lighting regulations will increase GHG emissions in Hydros service territory by 45,000 tonnes due to cross effects of a switch to coolburning bulbs.

Hydros statement shows that even wellintended efforts to save money and protect the environment may have unintended consequence, energy sector commentator David Austin said in an interview on Monday, noting Hydros mandate to eliminate GHG emissions and eliminate dependence on import power.

Once we move to selfsufficiency, essentially our electricity will be GHGfree and the question is whether or not we want to increase consumption of natural gas when we have a GHGfree source of energy, Austin said.

Environmental groups were quick to dismiss Hydros analysis and even the Crown corporation itself said its comments dont fully reflect the environmental benefit of cutting down electricity use.

The energy savings outweigh the amount of heating you are adding to your heating load, Heer said.

Nicholas Heap, a campaigner for the David Suzuki Foundation, said a lot of the heat produced by incandescent bulbs is useless because home lighting is typically off the ground and the heat stays on the ceiling.

As well, from summer to fall, lights burn when furnaces are off, Heap said.

Its not a realworld number its a statisticians number, of relevance only for bookkeeping, said BC Sustainable Energy Association president Guy Dauncey.

Whenever someone installs efficient bulbs, BC Hydro needs to import less dirty power, resulting in reduced GHGs, the overall effect of which should be far greater than the possible slight increase in GHGs from the loss of the heat from the inefficient bulbs in oil or gasheated homes.. balenciaga first bag