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Published: Wednesday 17 July, 2013

balenciaga city motorcycle bag balenciaga city motorcycle bag ´╗┐feedbacks and risks associated with impact of modified land cover on Australias Climate

Global climate change is the major and most urgent global environmental issue. Australia is already experiencing climate change as evidenced by higher temperatures and more frequent and severe droughts. These impacts are compounded by increasing land use pressures on natural resources and native ecosystems. This paper provides a syn balenciaga city motorcycle bag thesis of the interactions, feedbacks and risks of natural climate variability, climate change and land use/land cover change LUCC impacting on the Australian continent and how they vary balenciaga city motorcycle bag regionally. We review evidence of climate change and underlying processes resulting from interactions between global warming caused by increased concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases and modification of the land surface. The consequences of ignoring the effect of LUCC on current and future droughts in Australia could have catastrophic consequences for the nations environment balenciaga city motorcycle bag , economy and communities. We highlight the need for more integrated, longterm and adaptive policies and regional natural resource management strategies that restore the beneficial feedbacks between native vegetation cover and localregional climate, to help ameliorate the impact of global warming. balenciaga city motorcycle bag