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Published: Sunday 01 September, 2013

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Believe it or not, dressing too hot for the office resulted in a data entry clerk being terminated after just one week on the job and, in turn, the employee filed a gender and religious bias lawsuit the latter part of the suit is apparently because the New Yorkbased company is owned by an Orthodox Jewish fa bag sales online mily and the plaintiff believes they were imposing their religious beliefs upon her.

What is an appropriate dress code for the offices of Topeka? Do Topekans make value judgments about coworkers based on how they dress? Are too hot employees a distraction?

I recently surveyed Topekans about Topekas Office Dress Code and found that just over 90% of the respondents say their companies indeed imposed dress codes on their employees. By far, the typical dress code in Topeka is business casual with 81% of khakiwearing respondents describing their office style as nottoohotbutnottoocold.

And, as Goldilocks would likely have responded, the vast majority says their companys dress code is just right.

Dress has become much more casual over the years and that is refreshing, said one respondent. I think it is easier and more relaxed to be productive when you are comfortable than when you are in a very structured and formal environment. The challenge is dressing so your customers are happy and comfortable as well.

Another surmises the way you dress may also impact your own productivity.

Dress represents to me professionalism whether it be in a blue or white collar field. I belie bag sales online ve a person should take pride in their appearance to be clean, lacking bad odor, dress for safety, and represent their career field appropriately. I wonder when we are dressed too casually whether our brains are equally casual in thinking.

The way you dress clearly makes a positive or negative impression on the people around you, and this could also positively or negatively impact n bag sales online ot only office relationships but opportunities for career advancement. When asked if they make character judgments on people they dont know based on how they are dressed, only 18% of respondents said they do not.

The nature of the work performed at work has an obvious impact on the companys dress code. Naturally an ad agency will have a different standard of dress than the office for a construction company. Employee safety is another key factor. One survey respondent said their company is very safety conscious and prohibits any open toed shoes companywide while mandating proper safety attire for all field personnel.

A companys dress code also turns out to be a factor when job seekers are considering whether or not to pursue employment with an organization. 59% of respondents say that a companys dress code is a moderately to very important part of their decision.

Regardless of what may be acceptable technically according to your office dress code, you should always consider the impression your clothing choices make on others, and what your style communicates about your work ethics and personality.

Another respondent makes this point succinctly.

As someone who has worked in placement and communication, I know the way you dress communicates to everyone around you. I believe in the importance of dressing for success and making sure you look your best on the job clean, pressed clothing even in a casual atmosphere. Applicants should know what is expected attire for interviews. There is plenty of information readily available. It will communicate your lack of interest or lack of motivation to apply for a position unkempt or unprepared. Theres no excuse for that. Wait until youre serious and do what it takes to make a great impression. bag sales online