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Published: Tuesday 06 August, 2013

wholesale michael kors bags wholesale michael kors bags ´╗┐Americas new coal rush

At least 94 coalfired electric power plants with the capacity to power 62 million American homes are now planned across 36 states.

The plants, slated to start coming on line as early as next year, would add significantly to the United States generating power, help keep electricity prices low, and boost energy security by offering an alternative to foreign oil and gas. But they would also pump more airborne mercury and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide into the air.

One major reason is the sudden nature of the turnaround for the plentiful fuel. The situation has changed 180 degrees in the last year, so that were almost back to point where we were in the 1970s with a slew of coalfired plants on the drawing board, says Robert McIlvaine, president of a Northfield, Ill., company that tracks energy industry development. After a decadeslong drought, when few large coa wholesale michael kors bags l plants were added to the power grid, its become a flood. Weve been getting a new one announced almost every week since December.

The jump in proposed coalfired plants over the past three years which would add 62 gigawatts or anot wholesale michael kors bags her 20 percent to the USs current coalgenerating capacity was documented in a report last month by the National Energy Technology Laboratory NETL, an arm of the US Department of Energy. But experts caution that perhaps no more than half of all proposed plants will ever be built. It can take seven to 10 years for a coal power plant to go from planning to construction and legal action and public protests often halt them.

Aside from the report, buried on the agencys website, the push to coal power and its estimated $72 billion investment has been largely untouted by industry and overlooked by the public. Even state officials and environmentalists who knew more coal power was coming are amazed.

I certainly wasnt aware it was 62 gigawatts. Thats an awful lot more coal to burn, says Dan Becker, director of global warming and energy program at the Sierra Club. I think most Americans would be shocked that utilities are dragging the 19th century into the 21st century.

Illinois leads the nation with 10 proposed coalfired plants that would create 8 gigawatts of new power capacity, the NETL report says. Yet state officials were surprised to be the national leader. Its definitely something were keeping track of, but I personally wasnt aware it was nine or 10 plants, says Rishi Garg, an energy policy adviser to Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn.

From the point of view of energy security, such moves make sense, proponents say. The US is considered the Saudi Arabia of coal. It sits on 250 years worth of reserves. Coal already generates about half the nations electricity.

The economics have also swung in the fuels favor. Lowcost, lowemission, naturalgas turbines sprouted like mushrooms in the 90s and their contribution to the nations generating capacity reached 19 percent. But in the past four years, the cost of natural gas has roughly tripled: wholesale michael kors bags from $2 per 1 million British thermal units of heat generated to over $6 per million BTUs. By contrast, coal costs less than $1 per million BTUs. That has put utilities in the position of paying more for the gas they burn to make power than they can get for the electricity it produces. wholesale michael kors bags