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Published: Saturday 07 September, 2013

wholesale designer inspired handbags wholesale designer inspired handbags drawing 550 rights defenders

Saturday in support of whistleblower of highlevel government surveillance crime, Edward Snowden, one organizer says 550 people have committed to attending the event.

Less than 24hrs to go, wrote Tom Grundy on a Support Edward Snowden HK Facebook page. Almost 15,000 invited, over 550 confirmed, 26 groups on board.

Hes in for a world of hurt, for the rest of his life wholesale designer inspired handbags , Boyce said. I feel sorry for him. Hes going to go through life not being able to trust anybody. And I think that in the end, itll end badly for him one way or another, theyll get their hands on him. Hes going to pay for it. Hes doomed.

When CNN interviewed Boyce about Snowden, he said, I think hes scared to death. I think that every single person he sees, hes wondering if thats the person thats coming for him.

Id be terrified of that, if I were him. Who would trust the Chinese government? He is utterly vulnerable and knows that there are a lot of people who really want to hurt him now. If I were him, I would at this point probably be having second thoughts. Asking myself What did I do? What have I brought down upon my head? Did I really do this? The fact is, he can never come b wholesale designer inspired handbags ack home.

But I think that revenge is the key driving force by those individuals who stand to get into a heap of trouble as a result of these secrets being made public the big shot bureaucrats in the national intelligence community, Boyce said. Not that its in the interest of the American people to be kept in the dark about it, but simpl wholesale designer inspired handbags y because of the repercussions those individuals behind the scenes could face.

They could be retired early, or lose their pensions, or be disgraced, or be hauled in front of Senate subcommittees, or all manner of bad things. Im sure there are many things the NSA and CIA dont want the public to know about, principally because the players behind the scenes could get into serious trouble if it became known. wholesale designer inspired handbags