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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

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Could a Kangaroos bacteria help our cows?

Im all for stem cell research. In fact, my sisters dog benefited from a stem cell method for treating hip dysplasia, a very painful condition that can affect canines see VetStem. However, trying to discover the mystery behind a natural bacteria that can be found in kangaroos and injecting that into cows so their gas, so to speak, will have diminished methane levels, is well, a little strange to me. How? By the gas they pass that pushes methane into the air. Kangaroos, on the other hand, scientists have found, have a methanefree gas output and are attempting to identify a kangaroo bacteria and come up wth some way to inject it into cows. This concept has been called everything from helping the farting cow to kind kangaroo donation. This wont work either people! Why?

Cows dont just emit methane gas into the air. They consume water, they need food, and take up a tremendous amount of space and methane gas is present in their manure as well. According to the Natural Ag Database NASD, some farmers are still not handling the manure storage problem well. Some manure storage pits are so full of gases, including methane, that some farm workers are being harmed by the presence of the gas and become ill or dying. This is not a quick fix here either folks as we all know about the economy, so how is the everyday farmer supposed to afford manure storage equipment that is safe?

Im one of the people who cant watch WWFs polar bear commercial where Sarah McLachlan sings and we watch a polar bear struggle to survive. It makes me cry and run for my wallet, but thats the purpose I gu where can i buy michael kors purses ess. I dont think I like the idea of prodding the kangaroo in labs or controlled environments either. where can i buy michael kors purses Whats next, a kangaroo cow cross that has not only methanefree farts but can hop and moo at the same time? Please people!

What this all boils down to is that people are more aware of global warming and greenhouse gases now more than ever. If we dont do something and yes, kangaroo cows might be considered something to some folks, we are in big trouble here! I guess if thats the biggest thing coming out of the kangaroo cow, its a good thing. Its waking people up and its turning the heads of scientists to finally pay attention and at least try to do something.

Thats what I call first steps and first steps sometimes fail, like the kangaroo cow. But it does give me hope that at least we are thinking. At least were finally awake to global warming. No matter what Kevin Colby says, but thats another story. where can i buy michael kors purses