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Published: Friday 13 September, 2013

shop isabel marant shoes shop isabel marant shoes Army in Ladakh as India hasnt forgotten1962 lesson

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New Delhi, Nov 26: The Indian Army is beefing up its presence in Ladakh to avoid a repeat of 1962 even as the country strengthens diplomatic and economic ties with China, said Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah.

We people have Army there in Ladakh. We have one full division there and now we are putting another division there because we have threat from China and I dont say that outside but I am telling you because you are Indians, he told the scientists and students who were attending the Northern Regional Science Congress here today.

Referring to the war that India fought with China exactly 50 years ago, the minister said: I want to tell shop isabel marant shoes you that in one place we are befriending China but we have also learnt a lesson from China and that is why we remain cautious as well because we had one division we will be keeping another one there.

Incidentally, these candid revelations came in the midst of his speech about the Ladakh region having an abundance of wind energy resources.

The minister pointed out that the Chinese have been significantly ramping up infrastructure on their side of the border with Arunachal Pradesh, and rued that we are still thinking whether to do the same.

Citing the Centres production target of 22,000 megawatts through renewable energy sources by 2022, shop isabel marant shoes he averred that India will have surplus power by 2030.

The minister said that people using solarpowered water heaters at their homes will benefit from subsidies. Stating that loans will be given to those interested in buying similar appliances, he called for greater utilisation of alternative energy sources.

On global warming, the minister noted that the United States is chiefly responsible for largescale emission of greenhouse gases. He added that compared to India, China too produces much more of these gases.. shop isabel marant shoes

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