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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

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Sales o sale michael kors watches f George Orwells 1984 have surged amid NSA surveillance reports, send sale michael kors watches ing the work well within the Top 100 bestselling sale michael kors watches Kindle books, where it enjoys an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of60 Paid in Kindle Store at the moment.

Thats 6,000% higher than the books sales rank prior to the news breaking of Edward Snowden exposing the government surveillance program that sent him on the run outside the Unites States, leaving his girlfriend Lindsay Mills behind.

Meanwhile, the dystopian novel about a bleak existence in London, whereby Big Brother always watches and the Thought Police know nearly every thought a person entertains, is being purchased via Amazon in record numbers thanks to suspicion of the NSAs phone and Internet spying programs.

Normally, sales of 1984 are pretty high this time of year anyway, but never this high, report teachers used to seeing sales of classic works increase during this season.

Accordingly, a sales rank of 60 could mean that 1,000 copies of 1984 are being sold each day it holds that high rank, with more copies sold as the sales rank number decreases. sale michael kors watches