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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

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In an michael kors watches for cheap age where seasons no longer exist in grocery produce sections due to fast and relatively cheap transportation, its extremely easy to overlook the environmental impact of that transportation. To combat this oversight, the sustain michael kors watches for cheap ability community has created the concept of food miles, the amount of miles food travels from farm to store and inherently the amount of greenhouse gases that travel generates.

Although its not always a constant one famous study found that lamb shipped from New Zealand to England actually produced substantially less carbon dioxide than expected the fewer miles food travels the lower the impact it has on the environment source: Chua.

Moving on the premise that consumers will make better choices if food miles arent hidden, designer James Reynolds created FarFoods, a marketing campaign that includes functionality. The campaign is centered on produce labels that show how many miles a bag of clementines traveled, for example. The labels include bar codes and, when scanned, the food miles for each item appears by its price on the receipt and a total appears o michael kors watches for cheap n the bottom. michael kors watches for cheap