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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

michael kors outlet online michael kors outlet online ´╗┐Environmental and Social Causes You Need to Care About

Without starting a debate on politics, its pretty obvious that the folks in government truely do not give a rats behind about the environment. Many of them own businesses, or benefit from businesses, that do whatever they want to Mother Earth in order to make money.

They dont care about the impact of their actions. They dont care about the immediate and distant future.

Someone needs to care. If not, this planet will not be able to support the billions of people currently inhabiting it. Mother Earth has been telling us something is wrong. We just have not been listening or just dont care.

For the few who have heard and understand her pleas, they feel powerless to do anything because of lack of money and/or power.

If you are one of the few who actually cares about this planet of ours, there IS something you can do. And it only takes a few clicks a day. It may not seem like much, but at least you have the power and free will to do it.

Save the environment. Save the diverse animals and plantlife. Save the poor and downtrodden. YOU DO HAVE THE POWER!

As most of you know, Earth Day is April 22, 2009. What makes this Earth Day any more important the previous ones? More and more citizens of our planet are taking a stand against growing landfills, polluting businesses and factories, deforestation, eradication of essential ecosystems, and more.

This planet Earth is the only one we have. If each person does his/her part to recycle and reuse materials, then there would be more for us, such as trees, pristine lands, clean air, and more.

There are so many little things we can do on our part.

There has been an increase of various kinds of storms across the world ove michael kors outlet online r the last few decades. this year alone.

By clicking on the Race to Stop Global Warming logo above, you can help to remove one pound of carbon dioxide CO2 from the atmosphere. Each click generates a donation to offset one pound of carbon dioxide a main greenhouse gas paid by Care2 and other sponsors. Carbon and other greenhouse gases released into the air by power plants and cars contribute to global warming.

Since Earth is the only home well ever have at least in our lifetimes!, we need to do all we can to keep our home clean and healthy. Enter your zipcode and generate the map. Click on the left column to see regulated sites, flood hazard zones, school locations, and other important features. Click redraw map to see your icons on the map.

Toxic Release Inventory

Find out if there are Toxic chemicals in michael kors outlet online your county. Right click on your county to see a list of how many pounds of TRI chemicals are released and what exactly they are. Left click to zoom to state and then county levels.

NC Water Quality Take Action

You may be shocked at your water quality or the amount of regulated substances escaping facilities in your area. If you want to do something about it you can Take Action Here to protect the region you call home. Were you shocked at the amount of chemicals in your county? Is your water system in violation of state regulations? Let us know what you think about what you find in your community!

People tend to forget that we obtain the majority of our oxygen supply from plants! Plants breathe in carbon mono michael kors outlet online xide and breathe out oxygen. As thousands of acres of rain forests and other types of forests are cut down, we lose our precious oxygen supply. This causes a domino effect for other problems.

Click on the Rain Forest logo above and help save our oxygen supply! Each click generates a donation, paid by Care2, Horizon Organic, Nature Valley, and Seaworld, or other sponsors to The Nature Conservancys Adopt An Acre program. 100% of the money you generate will be donated to The Nature Conservancy. michael kors outlet online